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He wanted to reduce the tax on imports.

Go ahead with your story.

We've been busy.

A hundred and fifty diplomats came to that conference.

They are not married.

Multifilamentary superconducting wires can be used in electric power transmission lines.

I was about to leave when the phone rang.

That's something you should understand.

Are you aware of the time, Love?

I blushed with shame.

Wes asked Lorraine to get some glasses from the kitchen.

We like to listen to birds singing.

There is a spoon missing.

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I wonder who brought the cake.

That feels so good.

They're ruining their clothing.

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I don't know if I have time to do it.


Make it a window seat please.

Let us beseech the blessing of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking.

I have no idea of what's going on in there.

Tor has a dubious reputation.

"What, Snuffles? Dangerous? I assure you I have him well train-AAAARGH!!"

Have you done your assignment yet?

Is it too much?

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Can you order it for me?

We need to find out how many people are planning to go with us.

I'm not boycotting you.


If I don't tell him, who will?

There are not many people who speak German in my country.

I tried to give her some money, but she wouldn't take any.

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Did you agree with them?

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What color is your urine: bright, tawny, reddish or golden brown?

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Have you ever donated blood?


We never should have gone there.

Troy started slighting his studies after he became a member of the football team.

I appreciated her sentiments.

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I want to have a talk with you.

I'll write to her again.

Do you want to go and get a bite to eat?

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I've never been to Lanzarote.


I asked him to make tea.


I'll help you.

He arched his eyebrows in surprise.

Is that so hard to do?


Can you handle this for a while?

It's common knowledge that you don't like June.

The US government has always regarded England as the United States' house pet.

It was nearly midnight.

I switched to Google Chrome and it worked.


Do you think that might be part of the problem?

I married her.

He had his car stolen in that parking lot.

Greg is my brother.

The storm sent the temperature down.


It didn't feel bad.

Nathaniel actually did that.

Johnathan couldn't stop thinking about Santa.


Do you even know how to smell the flowers?

You aren't going to leave me, are you?

There are many old castles in Europe.

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Shuttles will be available.

I'll look into the matter.

They could hardly see.


Kelly won't speak to me and I don't know why.

Shutoku knows where this is heading.

You'll help, won't you?

The pain returned.

I already said yes.

There is a someone standing at the door.

"You're not being chased, are you?" Just as he said that in a quiet voice, the corner house's light went out. The rain became more intense...

I tried to write with my left hand.

I won't be able to teach you tomorrow.


Naresh was chosen by lottery.

Giovanni decided not to swim.

The local ecosystems are threatened.

We work for our living.

I'll go to the dentist tomorrow.

His passport was stolen.

I've seen what happens when you don't follow the rules.

Carter hung his coat in the closet.

As I have learned English and French at school, it hasn't been hard for me to understand some words in Esperanto, even without having learned them.

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What can I do to make you happy?

The diver ran out of air and drowned.

Do you want to go with us?

It's extremely concerning to us.

Man can be defined as the animal that can say I, that can be aware of himself as a separate entity.

She will be a famous artist in the future.

Hilda stayed strong.

From time to time, he goes to the library to get new information about books.

Dan didn't know where his car key was.

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It's the best.


Minors can't come in here.


When my mother arrives, she will give me some money to buy the books.

We should stick together.

The sun has just come up.


Will you answer all my questions truthfully?

We must be healthy.

Wilmer made me angry.

I suppose you want to ask me where I was yesterday afternoon.

The Atlantic Ocean separates America from Europe.

Marsh has done everything for us already.

Why don't you leave her alone?

Did you hear that Fred was dismissed?

Julia cries and calls Emilia.

You took me to the cleaners.

Scot didn't know what Russell had to do.

What makes you think that I want to be left alone?

Hurry up, girl!

Not even my friends know my real name.

Unfortunately this is real.

Danielle is a heavy smoker.

The boss directed his men to finish it quickly.

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Having finished the work, I went out for a walk.


Why do some people burp after they eat?


Don't push. I'm suffocating.

Larry would help you if you asked him to.

I cannot sew buttons on this jacket. I need a stonger needle.

I told you I was doing that.

As for me, I prefer beer to whisky.

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Call him a tiger and he will eat you, call him Mr. Tiger and he will still eat you.

You know me, don't you?

I've been shopping with them.

I'm reading.

We are surprised at the news.

How could I ever trust you?

That sister of yours is always complaining of her husband.


It always takes time to get to know someone well.

The two vans telescoped together.

I want a glass.

Let the festivities begin.

Actually, the earth is getting warmer.

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She smiled to smooth things over.

This is a pretty amazing place.

Our work began to flourish.


You and I go back a long time.

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He's an accredited representative of the Canadian government.

The tides are influenced by the moon and the sun.

Either he or I have to attend the convention.

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Certain poisons, properly used, are useful.

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Listen a minute.

This is the place where he killed himself.

Kirk asked Alejandro when she was going to go shopping.

The bank holds a mortgage on his building.

Alejandro and Matthias didn't know each other until John introduced them.


My stars!


Matti didn't find anyone who met the requirements.

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It's really kind of exciting.

Paola overheard their conversation.

I can give you my personal assurance of that.


He is the real racist for saying that.


I don't know when I'll have time to finish reading the rest of this book.

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Retrace your steps and maybe you'll find your keys.

Earl says this is absurd.

We must read this book again and again.

There's nothing here for you.

I'd like to have a better memory.

Vistlik says Hwa has a cold.

Freedom that is used only to deny freedom must be denied.